Terms and conditions 204-fishing 


1. Reservations made are only final after full payment of the invoice has been received on our bank account

2. Participation in the tour and fishing is entirely at your own risk. Customer waives away any possible prosecution in case of accident, calamity, personal damage in any way for 204-fishing. 204-fishing is in no way liable to the customer

3. The customer declares that he/she can swim and participate in the tour

4. 204-fishing arranges all necessary fishing materials* and equipment, fishing license, life jacket and drinks, fishing clothes not included.
* if the customer wants to use their own material, this is possible after consultation, partly because of the maximum allowable weight of the kayak of 125kg

5. In bad weather, the fishing guide of 204-fishing decides whether the tour can continue. The fishing guide can also decide in advance to cancel the tour due to upcoming bad weather. In this case, the customer has the choice to reschedule for another day or if this is not possible, the amount paid by customer will be refunded. In case of sudden bad weather, the fishing guide of 204-fishing can decide on the spot to break off the tour

6. Cancellation by the customer is possible before the agreement takes effect, by sending an e-mail to: info@204-fishing.com
If canceled at least 2 days before the start of the agreement, the entire amount is refundable. If canceled the day before the start of the agreement 50% will be refunded. In case of cancellation on the same day of the agreement starts no refund will be made

7. Consumption of alcohol and drugs before and during the tour is not allowed

8. Smoking in the boat or on the kayak is allowed, but any damage can be recovered from the customer, also it is not to leave any cigarette butts  in the water or in nature

9. During the tour, the customer is bound by all applicable laws and regulations of the Swedish law, the fishing guide is aware of this

10. The customer is liable at all times if it causes damage to the property of 204-fishing, to other persons, and goods and objects of other persons, 204-fishing is not liable in any way hold

11. The fishing guide will take photos and/or short films during the fishing tour as a reminder for the customer. Only with the expliciete permission of the customer, these photos and videos will be used for promotion on our website www.204-fishing.com and on Instagram, Facebook.
The customer always has the right to request the removal of photos and videos by sending a request via info@204-fishing.com, they will be removed immediately after receiving the request from the customer

12. During the tour it is not allowed to perform any actions on the kayaks or boat that pose a danger for the customer or other persons, but also for the assets of 204-fishing, the environment and nature

13. Any kind of behavior that is not permissible, the fishing guide can decide to end the tour early and not continue without any refund

14. 204-fishing can at any time cancel the booking made, and the amount already paid by the customer will be refunded

15. The fishing guide has followed emergency response training and a first-aid kit is available on the boat or kayak

16. Participating in the tour means that you have read and accepted all terms and conditions

17. It is advisable to have liability insurance at the time of participation

18. By paying you indicate that you agree to the included general terms and conditions