A word from the fishingguide about the kayak


Always wanted to make that one cast under that overhanging tree on that beautiful lake or river, in the most idyllic setting?

Are you curious what it's like to fish from a pedal kayak, or is it perhaps the first time that you want to fish for pike or perch?


You've come to the right place!


Michael van Opstal, our fishing guide in Emmaboda, will take you to the most beautiful spots of Småland (Sweden) on a fully equipped Hobie pedal kayak fishing tour.

With the fishing guide, you will hunt for the largest pike and perch that Europe has to offer.


The Hobie pedal kayaks are ideal for getting to places where you can't get to from the shore or with the standard fishing boat.

The pedal kayak does not have a traditional motor engine, but you move forward with your legs, an additional advantage is that you are very quiet, so you do not disturb the fishing water, and the nature.

Because of this you maybe even spot wild animals on the waterfront, such as an moose, fox, deer, beaver, etc.


But isn't it very hard or difficult fishing with the pedal kayak? No, not at all, the Hobie pedal kayak is very easy to control and equipped with an advanced Mirage pedal system that makes moving ultra-light, so that you have your hands free to fully focus on fishing.

The pedal kayak is also the most stable on the market, making it almost impossible to tip over,  because of this it is suitable for young and old.


Clear instructions will be given, you will receive life jackets, all material and permits are included, the fishing guide has followed an emergency response training, we will look at your experience,  so we can create the perfect fishing day for you.


Who is Michael:

"For years I have fished in Dutch waters, but my passion for nature and fishing has made me decide, after my holidays in Sweden, to exchange the Netherlands for beautiful Sweden in 2022.

With my experience I want to give you an unforgettable day.

One of the most important aspects of fishing, in addition to good catches, is the environment and nature, this combination makes the fishing experience perfect, together with a healthy dose of humor!"


We work with material from top brands such as Abu Garcia, Savage Gear, Raymarine, Hobie etc.



Unlike a regular kayak, the pedal kayak does not use arms and hands to move forward.

Thanks to the revolutionary pedaling system, where flippers are powered by kicking with your feet, you can sail quickly and easily.

Kicking with the feet causes the flippers to swing back and forth underwater, without having to use much force or effort.

The control of the pedal kayak is done with a small joystick, which allows you to maneuver the kayak easily and precisely.

Watch the below impression of the kayak we use: